nostalgic macrame

when i went to kindergarten i used to carry a little crossbody macrame bag with me every day

livable place

i really dig the paper dress artwork on the wall and the dog at the door
home of artist catherine hammerton, via designsponge

click images to take a closer look

living the fuzzy life

:) rocks in socks
angora-covered rocks (paperweights) from project no. 8, found via childhoodflames


these are for children, but i feel i could wear some of these, too

the extraordinary matryoshka

no doubt you've seen these before, but they're so exquisite, i just couln't exclude them from here
lamija suljevic collection fall/winter 2010, photos by emma jönsson dysell

retro nice

these remind me of my childhood a little


lovely suspenders
photo markus jans for stiletto magazine, via adrien blanchat


always so incredible

use what you have necklaces

beauty, random

first _ helen carnac
second _ heins home, via anothershadeofgrey
third _ woodcut print by bryan nash gill, via anothershadeofgrey
fourth _ wooden engagement ring carved by her finacé, photo from ohhellofriend
fifth _ print from etsy

feathers then and now

first _ chritina kruse in ann demeulemeester in the '90s, via hapsical
second _ model gwen lu by william lords, via asianmodels

ol' mcqueen

i found these my fashion design inspiration files... how incredibly beautiful.

ribbons of veneer

arsida smajli graduate work, found via vogue italia

click images for actual size

you can try this at home

rings and a brooch made out of color pencils

beautiful, but is this okay?

10-year-old actress kiernan shipka modeling burberry prorsum for the latest interview magazine